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Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees

In a world where pollution, noise, crowds, unhealthy diets and stress are the norm; MesaStila offers an escape – a true "sanctuary" from the noxious daily grind.

MesaStila offers a distinct Javanese flavour – with traditional martial-arts; Java-coffee scrubs; Javanese food with a healthy twist; an immersion to the healthy-healing garden of Losari and the service of skilled local practitioners who offer traditional healing services: from Jamu to Javanese massage.

MesaStila is nine hundred meters above sea level and has been composed as a labour-of-love by its various owners over the years; supporting over one-hundred and eighty years of habitation in many forms - from plantation owners to resort guests. The property includes such relics as a Colonial-era railway station, the prior residence of a Javanese Prince and the original plantation owner's house from 1828; all surrounded by coffee trees that have been grafted and grown from the original Robusta-Arabica plants nearly two hundred years ago.

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